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Fancy Azaquir
You might take away his colours, but he's still the same arrogant thing :v

I'm sorry i uploaded this on the limit, should have looked for time to upload it yesterday :/
This is Azaquir with Nymeria's markings! I used a brush to make the fur this time, so the markings arent quite visible in the eye. Well, if i missed something or got any marking wrong, please tell me so i can fix that in a moment!

Next coming: A roleplay tracker for Azaquir
I'm going to try to get him (and myself lol) available after this week. I got it free, so im going to make a raffle posibly, i cant promise anything.
I also got a bunch of traditional art i could post, we'll see

Azaquir belongs to me
Nymeria belongs to monochoro99 
Be scared. BE AFRAID.

I know, i know, yes, i am alive and after so much time the first thing i post is this abomination that lit took me 10 minutes. In my defense i'll say that i wanted to do this because it seemed like fun.
I was wrong lol, my notifs are filled with pears now, so why not join the apocalipsis.

This is the beggining of a 
less inactive period? Im getting a free week soon after these two exams i got next, so im gonna use it to make a mandatory activity check for RotG, also a roleplay tracker, and the ref of my Fawnling. I decided that im going to upload the stuff ive been making on traditional art, and after wards will open a raffle for that free week. So yea, i apologise for the inactivity (and for this terrible amalgamate ofc).
Janjan the floof
Such floofy furball
I actually had this for awhile, never uploaded it until now, i need to start taking art more seriously and get my mind together or else i wont do much but sink more in the art block

You do not have permission to upload or use this in any way or form, only Batjan has the right to use it around.
Little update, i won't be as much active for some time. School is taking (and probably will til summer) a lot of my time, and i can't connect as much as before. This doesn't mean i will disappear until summer, but it will simply take me more time to answer comments or upload stuff.
I'm worry that these ain't good news, hopefully i will be able to make a raffle once i get more free time.
Azaquir - RotG Aplication
So, decided to join with the big boy ºo3oº I'm sorry this took so long, life has been getting in the way a lot this year (or last one actually, whatever xD)
I will probably have to update this showing a full weaponary of all the useless things he has and his hooded cloak, so idk if i'll make it as an aditional image or stuffed in here somewhat, i'll figure it as soon as posible.

As a main description, Azaquir takes justice by his own hand, he will act alone or in group, but won't hesitate to risk his life or any others to get what he is after. He is mostly described as an aggressive person, yet a good talker and thief. He will most likely not follow any rules or orders, and if gotten any- he will tend to break them no matter what punishment he can get.
Usually works alone and will tease and act in a sarcastic way around any posible team companions. He doesn't fear death, and he can be impulsive quite a lot. His main weaknesses are his stubborness, his careless attitude against smaller oponents and openings between attacks (his attacks may be strong, quick and decided, but when he attacks, practically his back is unprotected, since the cloak doesn't have a chain mail or anything to stop a powerful attack), apart from several other details about him that can make him fall.

He wears a long dark hooded cloak, with small knifes and a curved sword and a longsword, as well as several razors, hidden on it. Only both swords and a knife are at sight. When in human, he calls said weapons his ''fangs''. On his human form, he is a tall man with tan skin and medium lengh hair. The hood covers most part of his face, so is hard to describe him exactly. Sometimes, when in wolf form, he won't use as many weapons nor his cloak (this is why i didn't include them on this reference)
He also owns a nameless female golden eagle, used to send messages, hunt, a distraction for enemies... She has a blind eye, due to a burnt wound on her left eye.

I hope i didn't messed up somewhere :L if there's anything that needs to be changed, ill get to it asap
The wolf appereance was adopted from ShizukaTW 
Go check this raffle! This person just hitted 400 watchers and is making a raffle to celebrate ^^
~Raffle 400 watchers~ (winners announced)Hi everyone! I know that in my watch list there're 2 extra ones but I don't include them because the rest 2 are my spare accounts.
But anyways I want to thank all of the 400 watchers! According to the fact that lately I'm drawing quite seldom or post anything, but still the fact that some people like my art is really a heartwarming! 
This is my first raffle, so please don't be so harsh or whatever if the deadline has no date yet (just in fact that I have no idea about my job status so I cannot say when I do have freetime beside weekends) because of to do list, don't appear that much on D.A. ect.
Still I think it'll be quite unfair not to thank all of you for your support! So here're some rules.
Join while you can! More participants - more chances to win!
Also unwatching increases the chance that the raffle will be closed and discontinued.


-You must be a watcher. 
-New watchers are allowed, but please don't unwatch if you don't win. It's not only rude, b


DL16Midna's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
-Please ignore my birthday on this site, its wrong and i have no idea how to change it :'D My birthday is actually on the 8 of april-
Avatar made by the baes :iconbatjan: :iconmeadowstar01:

I'm a spanish girl who often plays IT servers, i can be found in many forums as Midna.
I do consider my english level is good, but not perfect.
About my art, i'm still trying to improve and i have a long way ahead.
I own a Wii U, my ID there is DL16Midna, i play games such as Xenoblade Chronicles X (where my character can be found as Ele), many Zelda games, and a few others.

Please do not thank me for the watch, i do clean ups very often and i might unwatch you later
About llamas, to thank me you can just give one back!
About favourites, i favourite if i really like the artwork, or if theres something i wanna check later, no need to thank me either

Hope you have a nice day~


DL16Midna has started a donation pool!
50 / 150
I know nobody will actually donate xD But starting this for when i open commissions and maybe adoptables?
You can still donate if you want, the points will be either used to buy art or to get core membership (which i consider practically imposible ;w; )

You must be logged in to donate.
  • :iconblanca-art:
    Donated Oct 1, 2016, 9:54:09 AM


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